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TEACHUME iLearn is an e-learning platform that aims to streamline training, enhance employee skills, and optimize learning processes for improved workforce performance and productivity.

Unlocking the Full Potential

Learning Path

Learning Path Easily create your learning in a path. You can set compulsory and optional courses with credit points….

Checklist / Logbook

Transform your paper checklists into digital forms. Users can review checklist items, add comments, and submit them…

Course Progress Tracking

Course Progress Tracking Course progress tracking in TEACHUME refers to the functionality that allows both learners and…

Easy Interactive Course Authoring

Easily craft interactive course content, surveys, and quizzes with a few clicks. Our system seamlessly integrates with….

Powerful and Robust Scorm Player

In TEACHUME, a SCORM player is a feature or component that allows for the playback and interaction with SCORM-compliant…

Report Builder

Report Builder Report Builder enables administrators, instructors, and course creators to generate custom reports and data visualizations to gain insights…

Shadow Video Streaming

Shadow Video Streaming Shadow video streaming, developed by Cogito Solutions Ltd., appears to be a technology or feature…

Zoom Integrated

Zoom Integrated Zoom integration with TEACHUME enhances the online learning experience by seamlessly incorporating Zoom’s…

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO) Single Sign-On (SSO) is a centralized authentication and access control process that allows users to log in…


Notifications In TEACHUME, “notifications” refer to messages or alerts that are generated by the system and sent to…

Mobile App

Mobile App The “TEACHUME App” for TEACHUME is a native mobile application designed to provide students, teachers…

Push Messaging

Push Messaging Push messaging in TEACHUME refers to a communication feature that allows administrators, teachers…

Data Exchange through API

Data Exchange through API Data exchange via API in TEACHUME refers to the process of sharing or retrieving data between TEACHUME…


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Disaster Recovery

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Unlocking the Full Potential

We offer a comprehensive set of powerful features that require minimal customization effort to tailor them to your brand’s needs.

TEACHUME LMS is a private cloud solution that includes 24-hour monitoring. We also offer the option to request custom, tailor-made functions that are designed exclusively for your unique needs.