Report Builder enables administrators, instructors, and course creators to generate custom reports and data visualizations to gain insights into various aspects of their TEACHUME courses and user activities. Here’s an introduction to Configurable Reports in TEACHUME:

Key Features and Aspects of Configurable Reports:

  1. Custom Report Creation:
  1. Configurable Reports allows users to create custom reports by selecting the specific data elements they want to include, such as user details, course information, activity completion, or quiz results.
  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface:
  1. The plugin offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to design and build custom reports without the need for advanced technical skills.
  1. Data Visualization:
  1. Configurable Reports supports various data visualization options, including tables, charts, and graphs, allowing users to present data in a visually appealing manner.
  1. Data Filtering and Sorting:
  1. Users can apply filters and sorting options to narrow down and organize the data displayed in their reports. This feature helps users extract specific insights from large datasets.
  1. Report Templates:
  1. Users can save report templates for future use, making it efficient to generate similar reports at different times.
  1. Scheduled Reports:
  1. Configurable Reports allows users to schedule and automate the generation and delivery of reports. Reports can be sent to specified recipients via email on a regular basis.
  1. SQL Queries:
  1. For advanced users, the plugin provides the option to write custom SQL queries to access and manipulate TEACHUME’s database directly, providing even greater flexibility in report creation.
  1. Role-Based Access Control:
  1. Administrators can control who has access to the Configurable Reports plugin, ensuring that sensitive data is only available to authorized users.

Benefits of Configurable Reports in TEACHUME:

  1. Customized Insights: Users can tailor reports to extract specific information relevant to their courses, users, or learning objectives.
  2. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Configurable Reports empowers administrators and instructors to make data-informed decisions to improve courses, monitor student progress, and enhance the learning experience.
  3. Automation: Scheduled reports can be automatically generated and delivered, saving time and ensuring that stakeholders receive timely information.
  4. Efficiency: The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of creating reports, reducing the learning curve for users.
  5. Enhanced Course Management: Instructors can track and manage course activities more effectively, identifying areas that may require additional attention or intervention.
  6. Improved Communication: Custom reports can be shared with various stakeholders, enhancing communication and collaboration among instructors, administrators, and learners.
  7. Data Privacy: Role-based access control ensures that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel.

TEACHUME Report Generator allows users to create, customize, and automate reports to gain insights into course performance, user engagement, and other relevant data. It provides a powerful tool for institutions and organizations to enhance their TEACHUME-based e-learning environments.

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